Dental Implants: How To Regain Your Confidence

Wouldn’t you like to speak or bite into an apple knowing your dental implants won’t slip?

What about flashing a smile naturally whenever it strikes you? How about ending your day with an easy brush-and-floss routine without removing dentures?

Perhaps you’re you missing one or more teeth?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then dental implants (artificial tooth root and crown replacements) may be right for you.

Speak to your friends who have experienced tooth loss. They’ll likely tell you about the associated embarrassment, covering their smiles, the social unease, and the challenge with speaking and chewing. Dental implants have been the answer for millions of people.

What are dental implants and how can they help me regain my smile and my confidence?

It’s hard to imagine, but 69% of North Americans aged 35-44 have had at least one tooth removed every year as a result of infection, gum disease, or accidents. When you lose teeth, several problems can occur. The remaining teeth can shift, rotate, and become crooked. This can leave you with a bad bite and unsightly spaces, making it painful to chew food, and it can make home care more difficult. Sometimes the appearance is embarrassing too.

Dental implants are a sure-fire way of restoring the form and function of your natural teeth, whether it is one tooth or a whole jaw. They can also secure dentures to stop irritation due to rubbing sores, clicking noises when you speak, or as an alternative to partial dentures and crown-&-bridge treatment.

Once you’ve had an implant, rather than having a mouth with missing teeth, you’ll have a dazzling smile that brightens your face. In fact, studies show that smiling releases endorphins, which will boost your mood, immune system, and self-confidence. And in a vast array of social situations, you’ll appear more attractive and you’ll act more confidently.

How is this procedure done?

  1. At Dentistry on Taunton, we will examine your mouth and take x-rays. We’ll discuss your dental history, your wants, and your needs. Together we’ll determine if dental implants are right for you.
  2. If you are a candidate, our Whitby & Ajax dentist will place the dental implant (below the gumline).
  3. We give time for the artificial root to stabilize which allows the implant to begin reinforcing your jawbone and intercept further bone loss.
  4. Phase 2 involves attaching a replacement tooth crown (above the gumline) to the implant.

Beautiful, Natural Looking Dental Implants in Whitby

Missing a tooth often means a loss of confidence. Dentistry on Taunton is your implant dentist in Whitby. When it comes to your tooth implant, we specialize in creating beautiful, natural looking smiles. Thinking about dental implants? We offer a more comfortable fit, every time. To find out more about our services schedule an appointment today by calling us at (289) 275-8004.