Catch Oral Cancer In Its Earliest Stages With Regular Oral Cancer Checks In Ajax & Whitby, ON

At Dentistry on Taunton in Ajax and Whitby, we understand the impact oral health can have on overall health, which is why we offer comprehensive oral cancer checks to ensure that potential issues are detected and managed as early as possible.

How are oral cancer checks performed?

During your visit, our dentist will carefully examine your mouth, tongue, throat, and neck for any signs of abnormalities. Should a concerning issue be found, they examine it closely and ask questions about your medical history to help determine whether further testing is required.

What are the benefits of regular oral cancer checks?

Regular oral cancer checks are among the most effective ways to detect potential issues in their earliest stages. Early detection is critical to successful treatment, so we recommend having an oral cancer check performed at least once a year. This will give you peace of mind and reduce your risk of developing severe oral and physical health issues.

At Dentistry on Taunton in Ajax and Whitby, Ontario, our experienced dental team is here to help you protect and strengthen your smile. If you have a new or developing oral symptom that you’d like to have assessed, please call us today and we’ll arrange a visit as soon as possible!


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  • Detect oral health issues early
  • Increase your treatment success rate
  • Avoid the need for more invasive treatments with quick action
  • Learn which symptoms to watch for
  • Prioritize your oral and overall health!