Fillings In Ajax & Whitby, Ontario Help Repair & Restore Your Smile

At Dentistry on Taunton in Ajax and Whitby, we’re proud to provide patients with restorative fillings that help repair damaged, decayed, or cracked teeth.

What are fillings made from and how are they applied?

Fillings are typically made from amalgam (silver-based) materials or composite resin, which can be customized to match the colour of your natural teeth for a seamless effect. To place them, we freeze the area to ensure your comfort before removing decay from inside the tooth before filling it with amalgam or composite materials. We shape and smooth the area to ensure it feels good before a final bite check.

What benefits do fillings provide?

In addition to restoring oral function to a patient’s smile, fillings also protect teeth from further damage and decay. They also maintain a tight seal, which helps prevent bacteria and food particles from entering your tooth, and they also help support its natural structure.

Who is a good candidate for fillings?

Patients who are experiencing active decay are great candidates, as are those with a cracked or fractured tooth. If you experience pain when biting down or chewing, it may be a sign of decay that requires treatment.

How much do fillings cost in Ontario?

The cost of fillings in Ontario can vary depending on factors such as the type of filling material used and the complexity of the procedure. At Dentistry On Taunton, we offer competitive pricing for our fillings, and our team can provide you with an accurate estimate during your consultation.

Which filling is best for teeth?

The best type of filling for your teeth depends on various factors, including the location and size of the cavity, your oral health, and your aesthetic preferences. At Dentistry On Taunton, we offer a range of filling options, including composite fillings, amalgam fillings, ceramic fillings, and glass ionomer fillings. During your consultation, our experienced dentists will assess your individual needs and recommend the most suitable filling material for you.

If you suspect you may need a filling or if you have questions about this service, contact Dentistry on Taunton today. Our team of dentists will provide personalized care and advice to restore your smile with long-lasting results. Get in touch now to schedule an appointment!

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  • Eradicate decay
  • Avoid the need for more complex dental services
  • Benefit from durable restorative materials
  • Regain your full chewing function
  • Prioritize your smile!